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The power of blockchain brought to you

Modern payments and financial services technology. LamaTechnology is innovation adapted to user's needs.

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Lama has been established with a mission of bringing the world of innovative blockchain financial services to the global mass market in a way that is easy, uncomplicated, friendly and most of all, trustworthy.

Our Products

  • The Lama App


    Traditional and modern finance combined in one app. Traditional currencies and Crypto wallets with debit cards available for users to pay, receive, hold in traditional currencies and crypto. Key financial market information at the tip of users fingers.

    Visit the Lama appProduct available in selected jurisdictions only*


    Cut down on payments processing costs and expand business opportunities. Business can start accepting crypto payments from customers, and pay their suppliers and employees in cryptocurrencies!

    Visit Lama BusinessProduct available in selected jurisdictions only*
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  • The Lama name is born

  • Did you know?

    Lamas are big animals, towering at about 120 cm at the shoulder and weigh about 150 kg! They are excellent livestock guardian animals. A single lama can protect a hundred animals from threats. They are however fluffy, with long, curvy, banana-shaped ears, independent-minded.

    From the small seeds of our beginnings, we want to grow, serve and protect users from the complicated world of digital financial services. We want to make digital finance as easy as we can for users. We have long ears that aim to listen actively and help our customers in the best way we can.

    We are a Lama!

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  • "We believe that making crypto and traditional currencies meet in one app is the perfect way to experience the future of banking. We expect from the future that financial transactions should be really easy, cheap, and time efficient."

    Jocelyn Braun

    Co-founder and CEO at Lama Technology Group